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The Venice, Italy Travel Guide

Rialto bridge on canal grande in venice italy with water taxi boat in color-block design
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With its complex network of canals, meandering narrow alleys, and stylish wooden water taxis, Venice unquestionably stands out as one of Italy's most unique cities. From our absolute favorite boutique hotels to the finest trattorias in town, here's a rundown of our essential recommendations when journeying to the captivating lagoon city in Northern Italy.

Please note: Before booking your trip, we recommend visiting Venice during the low season (April/May/September/October) to avoid overcrowded alleys and in order to protect the island's ecosystem. You should also know that the main transportation is by boat or water taxi. Since you'll mostly be walking and cars don't exist on the island, make sure to pack a pair of comfortable shoes. At the end of this guide, we've listed some more tips on how to travel more sustainably.


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