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The Capri, Italy Travel Guide

the ultimate capri italy travel guide

Whether you’re planning a leisurely extended getaway or a brief weekend getaway, Capri, nestled along the Amalfi Coast close to Naples, ranks among our absolute favorite destinations in Italy. It’s the perfect spot to relax, unwind, or bask in the Mediterranean sun. To enhance your Capri experience and offer some inspirations for your upcoming trip, we’ve carefully curated a list of only our top picks and most recommended places on the island.

Please note: Before you book your trip, we recommend visiting during low season (May/September/October) to avoid overcrowded beaches and in order to protect the islands nature. You should also know that most of the places are the easiest to reach by foot, which is why we highly recommend to take a pair of comfortable shoes with you. At the end of this guide we listed some more tips on how to travel more sustainable.


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