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Get Slope-Ready with these 5 Must-Have Ski Essentials

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Next to wearing the basics such as a ski helmet, goggles and warm layering, we selected a few more of our favorite ski vacation essentials to fully be ready to hit the slopes. From keeping warm on the slopes to looking cool in the lodge, these essentials are must-haves for your upcoming ski getaway.

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1. High-SPF Sunscreen

Although it's important to apply sunscreen everyday, we recommend wearing sunscreen especially when vacationing in the mountains. Because of the high elevation and the reflection of the sun rays through the snow, sunburns can happen much quicker, making sunscreen an absolute essential for winter sports. When shopping for sunscreen, we suggest seeking out products with 100 percent natural ingredients and a high SPF level.

2. Ski Full-body Suit

Ski suits offer enhanced comfort, providing you with a cozy and warm experience while navigating the slopes. Beyond their undeniable style quotient, these suits serve a practical purpose and boast effortless wearability. Among our readers, Goldbergh stands out as a preferred brand, offering elegant choices, while OOSC Clothing captures attention with its vibrant and unique prints.

3. Ski & Snowboard Apps

Did you always want to know how good of a skier you actually are? Turn your smartphone into your personal ski buddy with tracking apps that measure your speed, distance, and even analyze your technique. With apps like snoww: track your skiing and bergfex/Ski it's easier than ever to analyze your ski sessions through having your iPhone or Apple Watch in your pocket. Before heading up on the mountains, all you have to do is start the tracking process in the app and end the session when Aprés Ski is approaching.

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4. Moon Boots

Ideal for chilly winter days, the timeless Moon Boots prove to be impeccable footwear. Not only do they offer remarkable comfort and a touch of elegance, but they also stand out in terms of functionality, ensuring enduring warmth throughout the day—a trait not always guaranteed by trendy pieces. If you're not a fan of the classic version, then you might find your favorite among the many different versions, such as the Icon White Faux-fur Boots or the Chloé x Moon Boot Collaboration.

5. The Perfect Cozy Sweater

Whether you're heading to Après Ski gatherings or planning a dinner out, a comfy sweater is an essential. Explore Khaite's new Après Ski capsule collection, showcasing premium knitwear crafted entirely from luxurious cashmere. Alternatively, you can opt for the timeless charm of Polo Ralph Lauren's Fair Isle Sweaters, thoughtfully crafted from 100% cotton, ensuring a timeless style.



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