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Introducing the Membership

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It's finally here -- After years of creating and editing, we are delighted to reveal an exciting new phase of our journey, offering a brand new membership program, designed to grant unparalleled access to our digital travel and food guides, featuring the most exquisite destinations and their exclusive addresses around the world.

Our highly curated collection of articles and digital guides showcase only the best of the best, including the most renowned establishments and delicious culinary delights. Each piece of content consists of hand-picked recommendations, revealing the hidden gems and exceptional accommodations that represent sophisticated travel at its finest. Discover the world’s most exclusive retreats, where design, privacy and wellness merge.

Quality over Quantity. Always.

For food enthusiasts, our membership opens the doors to a culinary journey - Every guide is carefully curated and features an unique, honest and authentic blend of locals go-to spots, well-known classics, insiders top picks, gourmet- & Michelin-starred restaurants and our personal favorites which reflect the essence of the destination. Each individual restaurant was checked and reviewed by The Sun Club, considering only high-quality standards in terms of quality, service, location, interior/exterior design and sustainability, to suggest an all around unique and positive dining experience.

Each Guide includes a link to a Google Maps List, giving you an overview of all referenced places. By utilizing the "Follow" button in the Google Maps app, you can ensure you stay up to date, as any new place added to our Guides will be automatically updated in the saved list. To enjoy this benefit, you must have a Google account and be logged into the Google Maps app.

View a detailed list of all membership benefits and an overview of the content in our guides on the Membership page.

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