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How to host a New Years Eve party - The Guide

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New opportunities, new people and new challenges - the new year is is just around the corner. If it's your turn this year to be the host of a New Year's Eve get-together for your friends or family, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, not even knowing where to begin (unless you're a seasoned event organizer). But, there is no need to stress – We've put together a list of everything you should keep in mind to throw a party that will create lasting memories.


1. Music

Music unquestionably holds the power to set a positive atmosphere. It's a plus if you have an idea of the music genre that resonates with the people you're celebrating with. You might want to consider starting a group chat and creating a quick poll to learn about their music preferences. In cases where everyone has diverse tastes, consider crafting a playlist that blends various genres to maintain a vibrant party atmosphere.

2. Games

Some people might believe that games are only meant for kids and tend to be repetitive. In fact, they actually play a vital role in boosting the party's atmosphere -- as long as you choose the right ones. Remember to include breaks between games to maintain a laid-back and relaxed vibe.

3. Decoration

While lots of decorations can be great, having a good playlist and a positive atmosphere can make excessive decorations less essential. When it comes to decorating, opt for a specific theme, such as silver or gold tones. If you're a fan of the "more is more" approach, consider setting up a photo wall to capture memories, adding a disco ball for a party ambiance, and incorporating lots of balloons that match your chosen theme. However, the most crucial aspect is to let your creativity flow and enjoy the process!

4. Snacks and Food

Who doesn't like some good snacks? Try to offer a variety of vegetarian options and different sorts of snacks or finger food, that can be easily enjoyed throughout the night. To truly impress with your choices, consider giving classics a fresh twist or mixing them with modern trends. Plus, think about classics, like pairing chocolate fountains with an array of fruits or serving tortilla chips with your very own homemade guacamole.

5. The Countdown

The countdown to the new year is definitely the highlight of the night, so don't forget to have something to toast with when the clock strikes midnight. You might even want to set up a little table with champagne glasses an hour beforehand, so you're not rushing around in the last 5 minutes before the countdown begins.

We wish you a magical start into the new year.



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