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TSC's Food Guide - Paris, France

polaroid of breakfast at cafe carette in Paris France

Paris is known for a lot of things, but for us, one of the most exciting parts about the city is the food. Besides the countless number of restaurants, it's the variety that makes going out in Paris never boring. Plus, when walking around town, it's very likely that you'll pass a number of awarded restaurant without even knowing it. In fact, it's the second city in the world (after Tokyo, Japan) with the most Michelin-starred restaurants. Besides award-winning establishments, in this food guide we have included the best traditional Parisian bistros, boulangeries, well-known classics and locals' go-to spots. As always, we made sure to involve vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. All places are carefully categorized into breakfast, lunch, dinner and bars.

Tip: Especially during the peak summer season, we recommend making a reservation for every restaurant listed in this guide (should it be offered).

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