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3 Instagram-Accounts for Positivity & Self Growth

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We at the THE SUN CLUB care about everything connected to positivity, motivation and living our best life. To bring you those same vibes to your Insta feed, we present you our current favorite accounts related to all of the above. From daily quotes to inspiring illustrations and graphic designs - these three accounts will definitely brighten up your social media space. To keep up with their content, tap "View Profile" on the following posts.

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One of our favorites. This account posts beautifully illustrated quotes and is perfect for a repost in your story to spread positivity and inspiration. Not only do they share longer and more inspirational quotes, but they even have their own online shop where you can buy prints, stickers and more. Definitely worth a follow!

With over 4 million followers, this account may be one of the most popular self-growth accounts out there. From positive everyday-reminders to inclusivity, @wetheurban is here to share a message. One of our favorite things about their account is the "Nine things..." series, which gives you a fresh and inspirational start into a new week.

This account is sharing quotes for daily affirmations. With their simple, yet modern design, @thepositiveminds is great to get a positive mindset for the day through their inspiring and energizing quotes.


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